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Thursday, October 25, 2012

October Ordeal part 3

With Flora safely and I devoutly hoped securely in the carrier, the next question was, "Which cat to try for next? Who would be greedy enough to go for treats when fleeing would be the best option?"

"Are there treats in here?"
Actually, there were two choices:  Elmer and Ellen.  Elmer just happened to be closer.

As I drove to the vet's, I kept glancing in my rearview mirror to see if there was an emergency vehicle following me or if it was just Flora doing her imitation of a siren.

It was Flora.

I made it to Jones Animal Hospital and signed in.  They were sweet as always, apologizing because I would have to wait since I didn't have an appointment.  I figure that's the price I pay for not getting an appointment but since my ability to catch cats at one appointed time is iffy at best, I usually go the drop in route.  Besides, the one time I called for an appointment, Elmer apparently heard  his name mentioned and the cat I thought totally preoccupied with birdwatching bolted from the room and headed for parts unknown.

At least that taught me that Elmer does indeed know his name.  I had my doubts.

We settled in the waiting area, or rather I settled, Elmer cowered and Flora alternated between howls and growls.

I opened the carrier and tried to comfort them both.  I had no takers.

As usually happens, I saw someone I knew there.  We'll call him Mr. Smith.  He's a very nice gentleman who has been on our Library Board.  He ambled over to say hello, explained he was picking up something for his Goldens, and reached in to pet Flora who was making sounds like gravels grinding.

"Not happy, is she?"  he asked.

I think I answered in the affirmative.  I was too busy holding my breath, hoping she wouldn't slice and dice him.  She tends to be more sound and fury but cornered in a box, I wasn't sure.

Yes, more to come.

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