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Saturday, August 20, 2011

BeeGee update

Poor Beege. . . he really started to trust me a bit. I borrowed a trap from the Washington County Animal Defense League (a very fine organization, by the way) to trap him.  I realized I also needed a new cat carrier so I got one of those and left it near his feeding station for a couple of days so he could get used to it. Believe it or not, I was able to entice him part way inside the carrier, then gave him a push and in he went.  All went well from there:  he was taken to the Margaret B. Mitchell Spay and Neuter Clinic where he was neutered and given a rabies and distemper shot.  Sigrid of the WCADL was kind enough to keep him a few days before I took him back. (I'm in your debt, Sigrid!)   I was very worried at first because he refused to eat.  After a couple of days, he did eat but wouldn't interact with Sigrid.  I picked him up and turned him loose at the house.  He vanished for a day, then cautiously began returning.  For some reason, he's a bit suspicious of me now.  I wonder why. . . .
"Make one false move and I'm outta here!

That's wearing off a bit, though, as he is getting meals regularly.  He's been watching Fred and he is starting to twine about my legs just a bit, but he's not sure how to do it exactly.  And I'm not sure what he wants from it-- he's usually been fed already. Multiple times.
"What do I want?  I dunno, what do you have?"

He is beginning to challenge Fred and Flora a bit, and he really doesn't like JJ, who drops over for a snack.  We'll see how this goes.

If you want to make the acquaintance of the fine folks at the WCADL, visit their website!

Animal Defense League of Washington County

And another tip of the hat to the wonderful people at The Margaret B. Mitchell Spay and Neuter Clinic!  It's a wonderful organization.  Ms. Mitchell was an animal lover who really made a huge contribution for the good of our companion animals.  I see her the memorial for her White One at the Glenwood Pet Cemetery when I go visit the kitties I have there.

Monday, August 8, 2011

I think I know why. . .

the flowers in my planter have not done well this year.

"  So do you come here often?"