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Thursday, March 29, 2012

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

"I'll pass on the green beer, but I'd love a saucer of Bailey's Irish cream!"

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Three Signs It's Going To Be A Long Day

3.  Ellen the grass fiend jumps up on the counter where the grass pot had been.  It's not there, mainly because Ellie has uprooted the grass so I had gotten more potting soil and seeds and resown.  The grass container is now down in the sun room where it can get sun. Unfortunately I had left some potting soil in a small dish.  When I come into the kitchen, Ellie is poking her nose in the dish and tossing dirt about, looking very puzzled.  She knows there has to be grass in there somewhere. . . .

2.  BeeGee has taken to dashing inside the house when I feed him. He runs in, startling the inside cats, but so far no real fights or bad interactions.  Everyone seems unsure.  BeeGee gives some little mews, which I think suggest submission but since he chases Fred off outside I am not sure.  Anyway, this morning he decides to take a tour of the house before I realize what he's doing.  I catch him and he's WET.  It's dry out, so that's a puzzlement.  Then I realize he's not only wet, he's MUDDY. I suspect he's had a set-to with another cat. I get him back outside but now I'm also wet and muddy.

1.  Bonnie hops onto my dresser, something she doesn't usually do but she is obsessed with these new PureBite treats, especially the shrimp.  She'd never shown much interest in seafood so that was a surprise. Bonnie is tiny and such a picky eater that I'm always so thrilled when she shows an interest in food that I indulge her in a way I don't the other cats.  One would think by now that I would learn that most of the time when Bonnie overeats it means she has an upset stomach.  I remembered that-- after I discovered she'd thrown up in my underwear drawer.
"I feel better now.  Can I have more shrimp?"

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Oscar Night: Waddling the Red Carpet

"Here we see Melon, the Plus-Sized Feline Supermodel rocking a pink. . . whatever that's supposed to be... with a daring slit down the front.  Or do you think the seams just gave way?"
(A friend sent this for Melon to try.  It's supposed to be pajamas, size feline large.)