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Thursday, September 29, 2011

They survived!

"Ashley sits here and pets me.  I like Ashley!"
Yes, the cats managed to survive while I was on vacation with Scotty & Lou.  Kay came twice a day to feed and Ashley came once a day to sit and read and pet.  Ashley reports Melon was very impressed by her ability to sit quietly and not move for long periods of time.  He likes that in a person.  The kittens _-they're now five years old, I suppose I should stop referring to them as "kittens"-- were skittish as I expected.  What I did not expect was that Ellen and Flora would indeed take up with Ashley. She reported that she was in the kitchen and decided she'd give Fred a treat:  deli turkey.  As soon as she opened the fridge door, it was as if Ellen and Flora had a revelation:  "SHE can produce turkey too!  What a human!!" They were devoted to her after that, as was Nuit.

"Yeah, you're swell.  Can I go out now??!"
Kay had a Sally Field moment when Fred suddenly did his Fred thing and leaped on her shoulders.  Her thought was, "He likes me!  He really likes me!"

Thank you, ladies, for taking such fabulous care of my fur-kids!!