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Monday, July 9, 2012

Melon the -- um, well....

For the third time in two years, I've been stung by yellow jackets while mowing in the back yard.  Little devils nest in small holes in the ground where I don't see them until all at once I feel their stings.  The last two times they've ringed my ankles with stings.  This time I had small blisters around the stings as well as painful, itchy and badly swollen ankles.  I try to be a tolerant person but dagnabit, that hurts!!! And for a long time!  It takes about a week before all is near normal and the swelling goes down.  

So-- if a scarecrow will keep birds away, perhaps this will work for yellow jackets:

 Melon-crow?  Scare-melon?  The Melonbee?

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