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Sunday, July 10, 2011

BGB: The latest stray


I've been seeing this guy for months, all through the bad winter we had.  The first time I saw him outside I nearly freaked, because his color pattern is similar to Bonnie Kate's and I thought for a couple of seconds that she had somehow managed to escape. 
Bonnie Kate
 Since Bonnie is deaf and very very naive, I have nightmares of her somehow getting out and being hurt or killed. She's a true innocent, bless her heart.

So I started to referring to this latest stray as "Bonnie Gone Bad"-- if Bonnie had been a tougher character and had to live outside, this is what she might look like.  I expanded on the premise and decided that she'd joined a biker gang-- look at that "treadmark" on the stray's face.  "Bonnie Gone Bad" does have a certain rhythm to it but it can also be confusing so my friend Doris suggested calling him BGB or BG.  I especially like the latter as it also evokes BeeGees and "Stayin' Alive"-- which is what a stray has to work to do. 

He's people-shy, Melon, Elmer & Co. definitely do not like him, Fred tolerates him, and JJ (a neighbor's young cat) tries to take his food, so they don't quite get along. I don't think I could integrate him into the household, but I'm going to see if I can borrow a humane trap and at least get him his shots and have him neutered.

Yes, I have "Sucker!" across my forehead in letters only cats can read.

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