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Monday, June 13, 2011

Stray Cat Strut

Yes, there is another stray hanging around.  This one I was calling "Bonnie Gone Bad" because she or he looks a bit like my Bonnie had she been hanging out with biker gangs or pirates.  Doris suggested the easier "BGB" which I've shortened to BG.  Or BeeGee.  Or Beeje.Maybe she or he does have some Saturday Night Fever going on.  Anyway, very suspicious and standoffish.  Fred rather ignores him/her, but Melon will lumber across the street to show BeeGee who's boss.  BeeGee was raiding the catnip growing in the yard and Mel considers that HIS catnip, so that may be part of the reason.  Anyway, during the Very Bad Winter I started giving BeeGee some food.  He or she started coming onto the porch as a signal it was time for dinner to be served.  He or she wouldn't let me get closer than about ten feet.  I'd like to trap, neuter & release, plus get shots.  We'll see.  As summer came in (we skipped spring this year), he or she disappeared for awhile but now is back and even meowed at me for food.  Ate like a pig.  Which brings me to the question of gender.  I had decided it was a he but the disappearance, then return with voracious eating habits leads me to suspect kittens.  Just what we need.  Anyway, I can now get within three feet providing I then stay very still and don't make any moves.  I tried to touch once and got a hiss. 

We'll see how this goes....

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