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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

This one's for the ladies. . .

... the Red Beanbag Ladies, that is.
We call this his Sports Illustrated  centerfold pose.
(Note strategically placed football.)

 Yep, here's the Mel in all his Gator glory.  The shirt is for a medium size dog, BTW.  I had intended to do a card with Melon in a University of Tennessee shirt and have him try to crash a tail-gating party by claiming to be Phil Fulmer, but then Tennessee got this skinny little coach and the jig was up.

 I have to say the shirt fit better a couple of years ago.

Alternately, we thought we could pass him off as Uga, the University of Georgia's bulldog mascot.  My vet volunteered that she had a UGA shirt for her dog Melon could borrow.  
Then she remembered that her dog is a dachshund. 

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